The LumiHeal Therapy

LumiHealTM is a unique wound care solution that utilizes the principles of Fluorescence Biomodulation to manage impaired and damaged skin by delivering fluorescence, at a cellular level, to impact the three (3) critical phases of healing: Inflammation, Proliferation and Remodeling.

This active wound care solution delivers high response rates and ignites the onset of wound regression, while providing an excellent safety profile. LumiHeal offers an innovative, pain free, non-invasive, cost-effective alternative to manage chronic and acute wounds. Despite the many different traditional treatment options available, many patients don’t respond and are subjected to significant discomfort and distress while draining the medical system of global healthcare resources.

LumiHeal is composed of two jars

Technology component (small jar) transferred to vehicle (larger jar)

Content are mixed to a homogeneous colour with provided mixing tool

Homogeneous LumiHeal is applied topically to the treatment area

LumiHeal is illuminated using either the portable LED (KT-P50) or the hospital/clinic LED (KT-L LED) at a distance of ~ 5cm

Once the LED automatically shuts down, LumiHeal is removed from the treatment area

Treatment frequency of LumiHeal can be adapted to match dressing changes.
Patients and clinicians report efficacy, ease-of-use and high levels of satisfaction over current standards of care.

Clinical Evidence

LumiHeal’s safety and efficacy was demonstrated in a multi-center, real-life analysis of 99 previously non-responsive, hard-to-heal chronic ulcers.

Additional clinical trials and post-marketing evaluations of LumiHeal have demonstrated effectiveness in managing a range of open surgical and chronic, acute and traumatic wounds including burns.

After One (1) Month of LumiHeal

BEFORE: 26 cm2

AFTER: 0 cm2

After Three (3) Months of LumiHeal

BEFORE: 8.6 cm2

AFTER: 0 cm2

Wound healing, especially in chronic ulcers, is a multifaceted complex problem requiring constant or repeated care as many wounds remain stalled in a perpetually inflamed and infected state or breakdown once they do finally heal. LumiHeal has shown to be a therapy that enhances the wound healing process by favorably impacting the inflammatory state, including the control of bacterial colonization, reducing pain during the treatment and minimizing wound breakdown, thereby finally resolving the chronicity of the problem and improving the patients’ quality of life.

Dr. Valentina Dini, PhD
President of the International School of Tissue Repair (SIRTES) and Senior Researcher in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Pisa

Hospital/Clinic KT-L

  • Simple logistics and supply
  • Permits versatile coverage for large surface areas
  • Available for hospital and clinic use

Portable KT-P50

  • Light-weight and battery operated
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Simple logistics and supply
  • Permits versatile coverage for various surface areas
  • Available for hospital, clinic and home-care use

Developments On The Horizon

We are currently developing LumiHeal hydrogel dressing formats utilizing our fluorescence biomodulating technology to bring sophistication and active improvements to standard dressings.