We offer a new generation of wound care products designed to specifically target the three critical phases of healing, while minimizing pain and bacterial growth.

The Technology

Fluorescence Biomodulation (FB) technology uses fluorescence light energy (FLE) to induce biological responses of the mitochondria, ultimately improving cell function to manage and support the progression of the body’s own healing mechanisms from the inflammatory stage to complete wound closure.

The Therapy

Fluorescence light energy (FLE) is generated by stimulating light-absorbing molecules found within the LumiHeal Topical Product.

FLE, with it’s broad spectrum of visible light wavelengths, is capable of penetrating the afflicted tissue to varying depths. This process initiates surface and subsurface biological responses of the wound, including modulation of gene expression and protein synthesis (i.e. collagen).

Mode Of Action At A Cellular Level

Fluorescence Biomodulation technology provides a unique and dynamic energy output that allows for the stimulation of the mitochondria , the engine of the cells. In the mitochondria, cellular respiration occurs, and energy is created by converting oxygen into ATP. Within all cells, especially within their mitochondria, there are an abundance of photoreceptors for example, flavins, iron-sulfur or heme centers, which can absorb fluorescence. Data on file shows that triggering Fluorescence Biomodulation results in an increase in mitochondrial number and size – this process is known as mitochondrial biogenesis. These dynamic and morphological changes reflect an increase in energy supply.


T1 – Untreated

T1 – FB Treated

Customized Benefits In The Three Critical Phases Of Wound Healing

Our solutions start with a need. Wound healing is a complex, highly regulated process involving three (3) main phases of healing that are critical to maintaining the function of skin: Inflammation, Proliferation and Remodeling. Current wound care technologies aren’t required to address the different phases of healing and typically focus on one phase per product.

LumiHeal’s unique mode of action utilizes fluorescence light energy (FLE) to impact the three critical phases of healing, bringing much needed innovation to the wound care space, especially given the ballooning costs of stalled and non-responding wounds.



4-6 Days

  • Bacterial bioburden control
  • Downregulation of pro-inflammatory markers (IL-6 & TNF-a)


4-60 DAYS

  • Induction of cell proliferation
  • Stimulation of angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation)

Tissue Remodelling

60-730 DAYS

  • Increased collagen production and alignment
  • Minimized hypertrophic scar formation