Management of all three phases of wound healing through the induction of fluorescence biomodulation using fluorescence light energy

Research on photobiomodulation (PBM) has led to the development of various light-generating devices that can benefit a wide range of clinical indications. A novel approach of inducing PBM is through application of a Fluorescence Biomodulation (FB) System consisting of a blue light (peak wavelength between 440 and 460 nm) which activates topical photoconverter substrates containing specialized [...]

Implementing TIMERS: the race against hard-to-heal wounds

Fluorescence Biomodulation also known as Photobiomodulation with LumiHeal acknowledgment in the sections “Advanced therapy options for controlling inflammation and bioburden” on p.30 and “Advanced and other therapy options for reducing wound size” on p.35.

Evaluation of fluorescence biomodulation in the real-life management of chronic wounds – the EUREKA trial

The study confrmed a positive effcacy profle of the FB system in inducing the wound healing process in three different types of hard-to-heal chronic wounds. The treatment was shown to be safe and well tolerated by the patients, with a significant improvement in patient QoL. This approach offers an effective modality for the treatment of hard-to-heal chronic ulcers [...]

Advanced Therapies in Wound Management

EUREKA Chronic Wound Study inclusion on page 71 (Reference 388): Romanelli et al., in an interim analysis of prospective multicentred observational trials on 100 patients with DFU, VLU and PU from seven highly specialised centres in Italy, aimed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of BPT on different models of chronic ulcers in a real-life setting [...]

The use of chromophore gel‐assisted blue light phototherapy (Lumiheal) for the treatment of surgical site infections in breast surgery

Considering the particular efficacy of chromophore phototherapy in controlling wound infections and stimulate neoangiogenesis, we consider Lumiheal as a useful tool in surgical site infection management, and we use it as a second‐line therapy in any kind of lesions resisting to the standard one. Further clinical randomized trials are needed to better evaluate this clinical approach, but our preliminary results using Lumiheal seem very promising [...]

Photobiomodulation with LumiHeal Made Easy

Early clinical studies have demonstrated that the LumiHeal treatment is particularly suitable for treating chronic wounds, where previous treatments have not been effective. In a recent study, a total of 10 patients with chronic venous leg ulcers that were non-responsive to standard treatments were treated twice a week for four months with the LumiHeal treatment. The gel was applied to the wound bed and was illuminated for five minutes. After treatment the wound bed was cleansed using saline solution and moisture-balancing dressings, along with a short compression bandaging system [...]